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Experience is gained from our mistakes. I have been in this business long enough to have earned the status of "experienced". Now I want to share it with others so they won't have to learn by their mistakes.
I was licensed in 1997, with over 15 years of experience in the Shasta County market. I have extensive expertise in representing buyers and sellers of all real estate asset types including single-family homes, development property, new homes, raw land, multi-family property and commercial buildings.  

I believe in practicing what I preach.  Unlike many ‘real estate professionals’ who don’t even own their own homes, I’ve personally bought and sold dozens of homes, land parcels, apartments, mining claims, commercial buildings and more.  For over 10 years, I have been the proud owner of the Market Street Building in downtown Redding, home to the Market Street Steakhouse, the Grape Escape wine bar, and of course, Terence Davis & Associates, which occupies almost the entire second floor creative space.

I have a small brokerage because I believe in giving personal service to each client.  I keep myself apprised of every client's real estate needs and anticipate what their needs may be in the future.  Understanding their goals allows me to send them opportunities as soon as they arise.  I typically gain lifelong friends with each real estate transaction.  

Is the need to sell your home a financial or emotional decision?  A quick meeting with a trusted real estate professional might give you clarity.  You might determine that you’re better off staying in your current home and completing that long overdue kitchen remodel.  Or maybe you realize your home is worth more than you ever dreamed and you’re that much closer to retirement or a strategic downsize.  The first step is asking for help.  We’ll give honest and considerate input to help you make the best decision. If you do decide to sell your home, then just sit back and let us handle the rest.
Financial reasons for selling
Job loss, divorce, promotion, new second income, inheritance, inherited real estate, eliminate negative cashflow, capture upmarket profits, pay off debt, avoid future taxes, can’t afford repairs or remodeling, relocation.

Emotional reasons for selling
Divorce, empty nest, retirement, downsizing, looking for better neighborhood or better location, death in family, need to be closer to family or care-giver, too much work, eliminate stress or worry.
How to price your home
Determining a home’s potential sales price can be a fairly exact science if you can keep emotion and irrelevant factors out of the process.  Sellers often price their homes based on what they “want to make” or based on what they owe, but as in any market, the home will only sell for what the market will bear or what an educated buyer is willing to pay.  If that buyer has the option to buy 5 similar homes that meet her needs, she is going to buy the home that is most affordable in her price range.  We’ll provide extensive research to ensure that we’re including the most recent sales comparables, pending sales, and overall market data in our evaluation of your home.  With accurate data we will make suggestions on pricing and develop a comprehensive marketing plan to achieve the highest possible sales price in the shortest amount of time.
Preparing your home for sale
I have walked through thousands of homes during my career and I estimate that fewer than 5% were truly ‘show ready’.  We all have busy lives, hectic schedules, and I understand how tedious it is to keep your home in perfect showing condition for a period of weeks or even months while it’s on the market.  But do you really want to lose $15,000 because you didn’t mow the lawn, empty or remove the litter box, or wash that sink full of dirty dishes? If I offered you $50/hr. to wash your own dishes or fold the laundry piled up in the living room, wouldn’t you do it?  Do your very best to keep your home tidy and ready for showings at all times.  Touch-up peeling or flaking paint.  If a bedroom is piled with boxes or stacks of furniture, put it in storage or donate unneeded items to goodwill, clean up after pets, and do some deep cleaning or hire someone else to do it.  These small steps will not only earn you a higher sales price and higher appraisal value, but should also help to sell your home more quickly.
The Escrow Process
Once you’ve accepted an offer on your home, the buyer will begin their inspections and due diligence and their lender will order their appraisal and begin working on satisfying the conditions of the buyer’s financing.  The buyer will be asked repeatedly for paystubs, bank statements, and sometimes letters of explanation regarding items on their credit report or bank statements.  Meanwhile they’re working, juggling kids and trying to deliver paperwork to their lender during their lunch hour.  The buyer is spending money for their appraisal, home inspections, pest inspections, sometimes well and septic inspections, which can total $1,000 or more for a home that they don’t even have a loan for yet.  On the seller’s side, it sometimes seems like nothing is happening, or too much is happening at once as you’re constantly disrupted by inspectors, appraisers, or the buyer wanting to revisit the property with their agent or family members or to measure for blinds or furniture. This is a stressful, vulnerable time for everyone, so try to be patient.  And now the fun really begins.  The buyers ask for thousands of dollars in termite repairs and replacement of those fogged windows in the bedroom.  The seller feels like they already reduced their list price, but the agent explains that without those repairs, these buyers can’t get their loan.  The seller grudgingly agrees.  The next week the appraisal comes in $5,000 below the sales price and now the buyers need a $5,000 price reduction or they can’t get their financing.  Sound stressful?  Absolutely.
So, is there any way to avoid this scenario without the rush and pressure of escrow described above?  Not entirely, but there are ways to be proactive and at least be prepared for the worst case.  A proactive seller can work with their agent to order their own inspections in advance and make needed repairs Not only does this save time, but it eliminates a lot of the uncertainty of the typical escrow.  Now when you accept that offer, you have a better idea of your true net sales price, you have a higher likelihood of the house appraising if the appraiser knows about the recent repairs, and you’ve saved the time and headache of dealing with all those inspections based on someone else’s schedule.  When fewer items come up on the inspection reports, the buyer feels more comfortable with their purchase and is less likely to ask for trivial repairs or upgrades.  With a little bit of understanding, forward planning and modest expenditure, your escrow should move much more smoothly toward becoming a completed sale. 



For most people, buying a home is the largest investment they will make in their lifetime.  Be smart and choose an agent that listens to your needs and understands value.  Let us tailor a strategic plan that integrates your lifestyle with a sound financial plan for you and your family.

While we would never advise you to overspend or put yourself in debt that you can’t afford, let us help you structure a holistic home buying or ‘move up’ plan where you use the process of buying a new home to organize your overall finances, build a long-term financial plan, and upgrade your entire lifestyle instead of just adding another problem and stress to your life.
Our goal is to make your decision to buy a home not only financially sound, but to improve your lifestyle and leave you with the feeling that you made the best possible choice.  We try to take the stress of home buying out of the equation and make it enjoyable and free of doubt. 

If you want to discuss real estate investing, or to discuss your particular situation, or if you have questions; contact me. I will help you in any way I can.

If you are ready to start looking at houses or property, contact one of our agents, Karen Smith or Athena Hollingsworth (above). They would love to begin the journey with you to find your next home or list your home for sale.