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Welcome. If you've been researching real estate on the internet, the websites are all probably beginning to look alike. I hope you'll find something a little more unique here. In putting together my site, I've spent months researching the trends that are affecting Northern California, and I hope to put this knowledge to work for you. Rather than the generic links and cookie cutter information you've seen elsewhere, I hope this website will show you what's been happening in the Shasta County real estate market, and I'll even share some of my predictions for the future.

Something else that's different about my site is my focus on neighborhoods. When I meet with new buyer clients, my first question is always, "What neighborhoods do you prefer? Eastside or westside? Rural acreage or subdivision?" Unfortunately, most real estate websites like and focus on the details of the houses. What good is it having the perfect 4 bedroom/2 bath home if it's in a neighborhood that doesn't suit you? It doesn't make any sense to search that way and I believe my site is unique in its approach to educating buyers on specific neighborhoods. Of course, as a courtesy, I do have MLS listings that are searchable by various criteria.

Sit back, relax and do a little reading. Hold off on the fill-in-the-blanks MLS searching and spend some time thinking about your lifestyle, your family and your future. Do you envision your children or grandchildren feeding the horses out on the back forty, or will they be riding their bikes around that quiet cul-de-sac in a new home subdivision? I think even that simple question illustrates that your first step should be some light reading in my neighborhoods section. I hope you'll benefit from your visit to my site. As I'm sure you'll figure out, I'm a big fan of Redding and I hope to make a fan of you as well.